Our Sustainability Goal

To become the global leader and advocate for ready-mix concrete sustainability, paving the way for the world to follow suit.

Our Sustainable Projects

Pan-United is an industry leader, so we understand how critical it is that the foundations we are setting should build up to a greater national and global impact. We know we have to accomplish our green and low-carbon goals. That is because being sustainable revolve in a circular economy. Here below are a few examples from our extensive gallery of projects with low-carbon concrete.

Circular Economy Model

We at Pan-United are committed to sustainability: we have embedded it into our concrete circular economy through our low-carbon concrete, upcycled raw materials and digital processes. This optimised cycle allows for carbon to be embodied into the concrete itself, reducing the carbon footprint before the construction begins.

Pan-United Circular Economy Model

The Circular Economy optimises resource consumption through clever use of product and process innovations.
Waste is upcycled back into the loop as we produce our specialised low-carbon concrete products.

Our model is featured as a case study in the Asia Pacific Embodied Carbon Primer.

Low Carbon Footprint Concrete Sustainability

Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Product innovation really showcases what we can do to reduce concrete’s negative impacts on the environment. We recycle materials already created as by-products, such as:

  • Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA) – what goes around comes around;
  • Ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS) that is waste from steel production; and
  • Silica fume from silicon wafers.

We are proud to offer more than 300 specialised concrete types, even prouder to say more than half are low-carbon and green-certified. One of our latest low-carbon concrete products, PanU CarbonCure™, uses carbon mineralisation technology to permanently trap carbon dioxide in concrete. This process reduces the amount of cement used in the mix and also strengthens it as a whole! As the first in Asia to use this breakthrough CCUS* technology, we hope to start a movement whereby the entire region adopts carbon mineralisation and other more environmentally friendly practices.

*CCUS – Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage

Process Innovation

Process Innovation

Our expert-level domain knowledge comes in handy when it comes to digitalisation, making process innovation so much more effective. AI tools optimise our supply chain and make sure each truck is on the road for a reason. COVID-19 may have caused major disruptions but it has not disrupted our creativity.

The new normal needs new tech to go with it. There is no more human hassle with our in-transit concrete mix management and electronic Delivery Orders (eDOs). Human interaction is minimised and therefore safety is maximised. Not to mention, we save on all that manpower, time, and resources; with eDOs we have saved 13 tonnes of paper a year!

With lesser energy emissions through the optimisation of our concrete delivery logistics, our low-carbon concrete products are delivered sustainably and efficiently.

Waste Management

Waste Management

Waste is upcycled with the use of RCA, which otherwise lands in landfills. This prevents carbon emissions otherwise emitted during waste incineration. Each batching plant also has water recycling systems.
The water is used to wash trucks and equipment, and reduce air pollution by suppressing floating dust.

Now you know why our trucks are so clean!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Illuminating Art at the National Museum of Singapore

We lend support to the local arts scene too. In 2018, we collaborated with the National Museum of Singapore on concrete artworks for the Singapore Night Festival. This was marked by the public debut of low-carbon PanU Illuma®, inspiring Singaporeans and tourists to reimagine the way they live, work and play sustainably.

In 2020, we partnered with the National Heritage Board using low-carbon PanU Illuma® to create individual awards for the Patron of Heritage Awards recipients.

Singapore National Gallery Disco Truck

2017, Disco Truck

Pan-United supported the National Museum of Singapore by providing a concrete mixer truck which formed the centrepiece of a quirky disco truck art installation in collaboration with French artist Benedetto Bufalino during the museum’s 130th anniversary.

The Illuminating Arc Bench Singapore Art

2018, The Illuminating Arc Bench

Pan-United supported National Heritage Board’s trademark festival, the Singapore Night Festival, by conceptualising a concrete art installation in the form of an illuminating arc bench that was made with PanU Illuma – a special low-carbon translucent concrete.

Illuma Trophies National Heritage Board

2020, PanU Illuma Trophies

Pan-United extended its support to the National Heritage Board for the third year, sponsoring 86 translucent concrete trophies for the Patron of Heritage Awards (“POHA”) in 2020. The trophies were conceptualised inhouse and created with our special low-carbon translucent concrete, PanU Illuma.

Sustainability Report

We want to be transparent about our ambition to save the world because when we look back, we will know we made the right move.

In December 2017, Pan-United published our first Sustainability Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards: Core Option, and in compliance with the Singapore Exchange guidelines. We publish these sustainability reports annually to document our efforts in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas of our business.

The report also covers a lot of other big questions you might have: aspects of Pan-United’s Singapore-based operations, including our use of sustainable materials; diversity in our local workforce; and governance structures that ensure better accountability and oversight.

Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainability Report 2019