Process Technologies

Advances In Artificial Intelligence

As technology marches on, our digital journey into a tech firm in the concrete
and logistics space has led us to the adoption of AI and machine learning.

Our new business models such as goTruck! and AiR are poised to change the built environment sector.


goTruck!: Logistics And Supply Chain Optimisation

Artificial Intelligence. Data analytics.
Big words, but what do they mean for the numbers? A lot.

7,000 trucking trips a day sound like a lot? For Pan-United, it is just another day at the office. Our ride-hailing platform goTruck! matches supply and demand of commercial vehicles. It ensures that no trip is wasted and no load goes undelivered.

Command Centre

AiR: Digital Disruption And Industry Transformation

Our latest offering AiR (Artificial Intelligence for Ready-Mix Concrete), is a SaaS platform that optimises ready-mix concrete and cement supply chains.

Concrete has changed. Back in 2014, Pan-United recognised the industry’s imminent digitalisation and decided to become pioneers in a changing landscape. Our charge began with a complete reimagining of all concrete business processes; however, we stayed true to its core.

Today, our vision is made manifest: through AiR Digital, a complete centralisation of the entire concrete value chain is a reality. As technology raced ahead, we saw every reason to combine it with conventional concrete production to alleviate any of its logistical drawbacks.

With our deep domain knowledge as a major player in concrete, we were able to put into play sophisticated AI and powerful analytics where we needed them the most. Materials are predictively replenished as needed, trucks are auto-assigned to their best-fit tasks, and web/mobile apps condense orders into only a few taps.

These features, among an entire suite of others, thoroughly augmented our entire playbook.

Powered by AiR, all of Pan-United’s operations are streamlined and optimised in our Command Centre where everything is live-tracked. All decision-defining data is fed to us in real time and at our fingertips.

Our amplified productivity allows for 24/7 on-the-clock operations. We coordinate 7,000 truck trips a day, and have achieved a staggering 40% manpower reduction since AiR’s adoption.

AiR is industry tested. The numbers are real, and the numbers can be yours.