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We started our business running boats, built shipyards and ports, and now provide the building materials and platforms to shape our lives. What will you help us build next?

Pan-United’s journey began 60 years ago and we’re not settling. We were ‘pivoting’ before it became a buzzword and are now building for our next leap forward as a global leader in concrete innovation and sustainability.

Join us on our new journey to build our future on the global front.

There’s a lot of room for your ideas to take root and grow here.

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Our Core Values

Pan-united corporation teamwork


We work together as a united team across departments, leveraging each other’s strengths and our diversity to deliver products, just in time. No working in silos, even though we do have many concrete silos (in batching plants).

Pan-United Corporation career innovation


Innovation runs in our veins – in product development, problem-solving and learning. We create to break new ground in concrete, delivering operational excellence and quality.

Pan-United Corporation career passion


We are nuts about concrete!

Pan-United Corporation Career Trust


Trust is the foundation of our relationships – between our customers, client and colleagues. Commitment to delivering on our promises is what we value.

Pan-United Corporation Career Customer Focus

Customer Focus

We place our customers first and grow with them for the long-term, giving them peace of mind.

Pan-United Corporation Career Job

Concrete Boring?
Think again.

At Pan-United, we’re really passionate about concrete and geek out about it. The first thing you’ll learn is that concrete isn’t cement, that’s like saying flour is cake.

Second, concrete isn’t boring at all. As the most-used man-made material on earth with 20 billion tonnes used per year, there’s a lot of space for innovation. Our aim is to introduce products that will reduce cement status as the fourth largest CO2 emitter amongst materials. Seems like a big goal? That’s exactly why we chose it.

Oh, have we mentioned our Innovation and Command Centres that support our operations?

Pan-United Corporation Career Opportunity

Just a ready-mix concrete company?


Concrete is a big part of our company but we’re going beyond that too.

We’ve got a steadily growing team of techies supporting our concrete business and building fresh new products for goTruck! and AiR.

Always craved working in a startup but wanted the security of a large company?
This is your jam.

Pan-United Corporation Career Opportunities

Join us.

There’s a lot more to do at Pan-United besides innovating concrete and building technology.

We need you to support our growth in our corporate roles. Like this website? Join our tech department. Love numbers? Maybe Finance works for you but you could also go into Sales.

Love talking to people? So do we. Perhaps you should join us in Human Resources.


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