Our Concrete Responsibility
Our Concrete


At PanU, we seek to constantly innovate and develop sustainable concrete products
to shape smart, sustainable cities.

We are Singapore’s largest provider of green concrete and the first company to attain the highest “Leader” certification for green products from the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) in February 2017.
You may find out more about our sustainability practices in our annual Sustainability Reports.

A Holistic Approach To Sustainability

Harnessing Digital Technology

Sustainable practices are incorporated into the links of our entire value chain, from design and production, to last-mile deliveries. In January this year, PanU launched an electronic delivery order (eDO) system for Singapore’s ready-mix concrete industry. Our eDO system reduces the environmental impact of our operations, and can save over 13 tonnes of paper annually. Customers also benefit from a hassle-free delivery experience. Back in 2016, PanU pioneered this paperless initiative for cement deliveries which proved useful in achieving greater operational efficiencies, increasing cost savings and reducing manpower.

Water Management

All our batching plants have water recycling systems within their premises to minimise daily water consumption. Water is recycled into tanks and grade-filtered for use like washing our trucks.

Eco & Recycling Department

We formed an Eco & Recycling Department in 2015 to:

  • Create systems for recycling concrete products
  • Source for recycled raw materials
  • Research and develop new recyclable or substitute raw materials
  • Innovate ‘green’ business strategies and products
Waste Management

Excess concrete from construction projects are retrieved and crushed to produce Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA), a substitute raw material to create ready-mix concrete.

Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

Since 2009, we have attained all three ISOs:

  • ISO:9001 (for quality management)
  • ISO:14001 (for environmental management)
  • ISO:18001 (for safety management)

Eco-friendly Products and Materials

Recycled Raw Materials
We use a variety of recycled raw materials as substitutes for natural resources. They include:

  • Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA)
    Reusing crushed demolished or hardened concrete from projects allow us to save up to 30% of natural sand and stone required for concrete production.

  • Washed Copper Slag (WCS)
    A by-product from ship washing, WCS can be used to replace up to 10% of fine aggregates in concrete production, reducing the overall consumption of natural sand.

  • Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS)
    Our subsidiary Meridian Maplestar (MMS) commenced commercial production of high-grade ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) at its new slag grinding plant in Johor in early 2018, supplying to both Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Silica Fume
    Silica Fume is a by-product from the production of silicon wafers that can be recycled as a substitute for cement.
Environmentally Friendly Concrete

At PanU, we have developed a suite of over 150 specialised green-certified concrete products to meet the evolving environmental, design and product quality needs of our customers.

PanU is collaborating with Canadian cleantech company CarbonCure Technologies to use its breakthrough technology that traps carbon dioxide in concrete. This creates concrete with an enhanced compressive strength and reduces carbon emissions into the environment. As the first in Asia to adopt the CarbonCure technology, we hope to initiate an industry-wide movement to adopt more environmentally friendly practices in Singapore and the region.

PanU is collaborating with Canadian cleantech company CarbonCure Technologies

Safety and Community

Emergency Response

We conduct company-wide emergency response drills to educate our employees on best practices in the event of a crisis or emergency. Led by PanU’s Emergency Strategic & Support (ESSG) Group and supported by crisis experts and officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), we go through crisis simulations that involve careful coordination across all departments.

The drill has heightened our overall readiness towards catastrophic events. We will continue to work towards high standards of operational efficiencies to alleviate the risk of impacts on PanU’s business continuity.

Art Installations at The Singapore Night Festival

We lend support to the local arts scene by sponsoring concrete artworks at the Singapore Night Festival, in collaboration with the National Museum of Singapore. In 2018, the Singapore Night Festival marked the public debut of PanU Illuma, inspiring Singaporeans and tourists to reimagine the way they live, work and play sustainably.

Sustainability Report 2017

In December, PanU published our first Sustainability Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards: Core Option, and in compliance with the Singapore Exchange guidelines. In this report, we shared our achievements in FY2017 and future ambitions in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas of the business.

The report also covers various aspects of PanU’s Singapore-based operations, including our use of sustainable materials; diversity in our local workforce; and governance structures that ensure better accountability and oversight.