Our Concrete Responsibility

PanU’s concrete operations are more ‘green’ than meets the eye…

PanU takes pride in creating sustainable value and experiences for our customers. These are achieved by embracing the highest environmental, social, and corporate governance standards in the businesses we engage in, and the products we develop.

Mindful of the impact of our products on the environment, PanU actively participates in like-minded organisations. We are a founding member of the Business Council of Sustainable Development (BCSD) and participate in bodies such as the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), and the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS).

Five products produced by our subsidaries, Pan-United Concrete Pte Ltd and United Cement Pte Ltd, carry the coveted Green Label by the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC).

In 2017, PanU won two green awards:
- the first and only concrete company in Singapore to be certified “Leader” for eco-products, by the Singapore Green Building Council, and
- the Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Manufacturing), for technological innovation to achieve higher sustainability

A holistic approach to sustainability

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    Eco & Recycling Department

    PanU formed an Eco & Recycling Department in 2015 as a demonstration of our commitment to sustainability. The department focuses on four areas:

    • Develop and maintain systems for recycling concrete products
    • Source for recycled raw materials
    • Research into and develop new recyclable or substitute raw materials
    • Innovate and develop new business strategies and products with a green perspective
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    Water Management

    All PanU batching plants have water recycling systems within their premises to minimise on daily water consumption. Water is recycled into tanks and grade-filtered for use such as washing its trucks and cleaning the grounds.

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    Waste Management

    Any excess concrete from construction projects will be retrieved by our Eco & Recycling Department. The concrete will be crushed to produce Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA), a substitute raw material for producing new ready mixed concrete. To ensure that we produce the best quality RCA, PanU only collects waste that is 100% concrete.

Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

The IMS was released internationally in 2009 and has been a system that PanU actively incorporates into our business. We have achieved all three ISOs in this system:

  • ISO:9001 (for quality management)
  • ISO:14001 (for environmental management)
  • ISO:18001 (for safety management)

We ensure that all products produced by PanU are of international quality and comply with these ISOs.

In addition, Pan-United Concrete has achieved the highest level of certification (Level 5), named BizSafe Star, by Certification International Singapore (CIS).

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