We take pride in having a role to shape many iconic developments and tourism landmarks. Here are a few of the projects that use our highly specialised concrete solutions.


Changi Airport Terminal 3

Singapore, 2007

Developer: Changi Airport Group  Category: Commercial

As the sole concrete provider for Changi Airport Terminal 3, Pan-United partnered with the project owner to develop structural lightweight concrete, , known as PanU Lite® for the roofing of the terminal. The lighter concrete roof enabled the terminal to be built with slim pillars that enhanced the spacious high-roofed ambience of the halls.


Deep Tunnel Sewerage System

Singapore, 2022

Developer: PUB  Category: Infrastructure

The Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) is a massive used-water superhighway designed to meet Singapore’s long-term clean water needs. Set for completion in 2022, its integrated structure of 80 kilometres long tunnels carved 50 metres deep underground will carry sewage to three water reclamation plants. There, the waste matter will be reclaimed and purified into high-grade water. The DTSS development uses a specialised PanU Anti-CorrosionTM concrete that can withstand extreme physical and chemical assaults from waste water and acid.


MRT Downtown Line & MRT Stations

Singapore, 2017

Developer: Land Transport Authority  Category: Infrastructural

PanU SpraycreteTM, or fast-setting sprayed concrete, was used to line the underground tunnels of phases 1, 2 and 3 of the Downtown Line and Circle Line. These amounted to more than 60 kilometres of underground MRT lines.

Pan-United was the sole concrete provider to numerous train stations and depots across Singapore. These include Bukit Panjang, Hillview, Cashew, Expo, Upper Changi, Tampines, Tampines West, Bedok Reservoir, Bedok Town Park, Kaki Bukit, Mattar, River Valley,Tai Seng and more.


Funan Mall

Singapore, 2019

Developer: Capitaland  Category: Commercial

Funan Mall presents a new standard for retail malls with cool offerings including a 200-metre cycling lane, a rock-climbing wall and a high-tech food court. Built at the heart of the Singapore CBD, Funan was an ideal case for PanU LSS® (Liquified Soil Stabiliser). Its construction within a heavily congested area was made easier with the high fluidity and self-compacting properties of the LSS that does not require noisy vibrators to settle the concrete.


Gardens By The Bay

Singapore, 2012

Developer: Gardens By The Bay  Category: Commercial

The much-loved Gardens by the Bay is a 101-hectare (250 acre) multi-award winning horticultural destination on reclaimed land, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. Its two seashell-domed greenhouses use PanU GreenTM concrete with a high design mix content of recycled raw materials. The project also found various uses for PanU ColourTM concrete, which further saved on painting and manpower.


Guoco Tower

Singapore, 2017

Developer: GuocoLand  Category: Commercial

The tallest building in Singapore, Guoco Tower, formerly known as Tanjong Pagar Centre, was completed in 2017. The 64-storey, 290-metre-high mixed-use project was designed with a mix of luxury residential, hotel and office space.

Pan-United broke the record for the single largest self-compacting concrete (SCC) pour in Singapore by supplying 13,500m3 of concrete – enough to fill five Olympic-sized swimming pools – to create a gigantic raft foundation. The pour employed a continuous convoy of trucks at precise intervals over just 41 hours, at one truck every one-and-a-half minutes.


Helix Bridge

Singapore, 2010

Developer: Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore  Category: Commercial

Inspired by the human DNA, the Helix Bridge is one of Singapore’s architectural icons. The aesthetically pleasing Helix Bridge is embedded with PanU Watercrete®, a specialised concrete with anti-wash and self-compacting properties. Its structural concrete columns are formed with PanU Watercrete® which flows and casts underwater naturally – unlike conventional concrete that requires time and costs to pump out water before filling the columns.


Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore, 2019

Developer: Changi Airport Group/CapitaLand/Jewel Changi Airport Trustee Pte. Ltd.  Category: Commercial

Truly a gem amongst Singapore’s iconic attractions, the award-winning Jewel Changi Airport is a uniquely conceived, airport-adjacent retail and entertainment hub designed by prominent architect Moshe Safdie. The Jewel emphasises harmony between nature and the urban environment, the Jewel is world-renown for awe-inspiring sights that include the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and Asia’s largest interior garden.

A structure as intricate as Jewel required the use of multiple specialised concretes that lowered its carbon footprint. Among them were PanU GreenTM , a concrete with high recycled raw material content, and the highly flowable PanU SCC® (Self-Compacting Concrete) to ensure uniform distribution of concrete, which is ideal for building in the sensitive environment of an airport.


Labrador Mass Pour

Singapore, 2022

Developer: SP PowerAssets Limited  Category: Infrastructure

In November 2020, Pan-United achieved a new national record for the largest two continuous concrete pours within a month. A total of 37,258m3 of concrete, enough to fill 14 Olympic swimming pools, was poured non-stop in two separate pours, each lasting three days. Mixer truck convoys delivered the concrete non-stop every 60 seconds.

PanU CoolTM was used specifically to minimise the possibility of thermal cracking and to improve structural durability. Safe distancing was enhanced with the use of a new concrete called PanU NewGen SCCTM that needs only a single worker to direct the flowing concrete. Safety was also boosted with new digital processes such as e-delivery orders and e-sampling. 


Landmark 81

Vietnam, 2018

Developer: Vinhomes  Category: Commercial

The ultra-chic Atkins-designed Landmark 81 skyscraper is Vietnam’s tallest building. The 81-storey high-end mixed-use tower will soar 461 metres high from a square footprint as 25 remarkable thin sections of various heights. Located along the Saigon River in Binh Thanh District, near Saigon Bridge, Landmark 81 is part of a S$1.5 billion luxury multi-functional ecological urban project. A combination of PanU SCCTM (Self-Compacting Concrete), PanU CoolTM (Temperature-Controlled concrete) and PanU Early StrengthTM concrete was specially formulated to shape this feat.


National Cancer Centre

Singapore, 2022

Developer: Ministry of Health  Category: Healthcare

The National Cancer Centre offers premier healthcare and houses the largest number of medical personnel dedicated to the research and treatment of cancer. When fully completed in 2022, its proton therapy facilities will provide the latest in radiation treatment that precisely targets and destroys cancer cells.

These facilities are built with PanU Shield® concrete to protect and ensure safety against harmful radiation hazards. PanU Shield® helps to reduce the thickness of walls to one-sixth of conventional concrete, thus saving on space. Best, using this concrete lowers the carbon footprint as less concrete, and thus cement, is used.


Saigon Centre

Vietnam, 2018

Developer: Saigon Centre  Category: Commercial

Centrally located along Ho Chi Minh’s Le Loi Boulevard, one of the city’s main thoroughfares, Saigon Centre is a high-end mixed-use development with office, retail and service apartment blocks. PanU SCCTM (Self-Compacting Concrete) was one of the types of concrete used to shape Phase 2 of this project, which comprises a shopping mall with Takashimaya as the anchor tenant.


Singapore Sports Hub

Singapore, 2014

Developer: Singapore Sports Council  Category: Commercial

The Singapore Sports Hub is a state-of-the-art sporting facility and an entertainment and lifestyle hub. In addition to its 55,000-capacity stadium, the Sports Hub has an aquatic centre, a multi-sport indoor arena, as well as a water sports facility. This national sporting emblem was built with a range of PanU GreenTM concrete using low-carbon cement and recycled aggregates..


Surbana Jurong Campus

Singapore, 2021

Developer: Surbana Jurong  Category: Infrastructure

Surbana Jurong brings office spaces into the future with its sprawling new Surbana Jurong Campus. The 68,915sqm office park and industrial complex hosts a wide spectrum of enterprises involving advanced manufacturing, urban solutions, smart logistics as well as their new headquarters in Singapore. Designed by the famed architect Moshe Safdie, the campus paves the way for sustainable design in both construction and operation.

The campus is built with sustainable types of concrete that incorporate carbon mineralisation technology. Such concrete permanently trap industrially-emitted carbon dioxide, reducing the environmental carbon footprint.


11 Tampines Concourse

Singapore, 2016

Developer: City Developments Limited  Category: Commercial Office

11 Tampines Concourse is the first CarbonNeutral® development in Singapore and the Asia Pacific. It is a fully green office space conveniently located near a wide selection of eateries, shopping malls, entertainment venues and sporting facilities. Its eco-friendly design has won many accolades and was made possible with the help of PanU GreenTM – a more resilient and stronger concrete mix that uses recycled raw materials.


The Interlace

Singapore, 2013

Developer: CapitaLand & Hotel Properties Limited (HPL)  Category: Residential

This remarkable condominium project designed by world-renowned architect, Ole Scheeren, clinched the World Building of the Year title at the World Architecture Festival 2015. An engineering marvel in itself, this architectural gem is iconic for its bold design of stacked-up apartments. In a first for Singapore’s construction industry, it required our PanU Hi-StrengthTM Concrete Grade 80, approximately twice the normal grade of 40, to ensure maximum structural stability for its unique design.