Besides being lightweight, PanU LITE™ demonstrates excellent thermal and sound insulation properties, thus saving on manpower, energy costs and needing less concrete.

Construction costs are ultimately reduced as the building has a lighter loading. PanU was the first company in Singapore to supply this special lightweight concrete for structural use as a roof in 2006. We were the sole concrete provider for the entire Changi Airport Terminal 3, including its
vast roof.

The lightness of the roof made it possible for the terminal to be designed with slimmer and less pillars placed further apart. This enhances T3’s spacious high-roofed ambience and creates more useable gross floor area.

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Ideal for building waterfront structures and bridges with underwater columns and pile caps.
The builders of Singapore's Helix Bridge had approached PanU to develop concrete that can be ‘cast’ underwater to withstand the changing tides.

We developed this special underwater concrete that can be poured into bridge columns, displacing water in the process. The concrete then hardens naturally in the water. PanU Watercrete eliminates the preparatory stage of pumping out sea water to create the air space, saving considerable costs and time.

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This special concrete can be coloured and embellished with decorative stones for aesthetic effect. It requires minimal maintenance and is ideal for paths, carparks, low-traffic roads and public areas. PanU Colour has been put to good industrial use at Jurong Island to mark essential services lines on the ground, for safety and easier maintenance. The National Museum of Singapore and Gardens by the Bay also use PanU Colour.

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PanU is the biggest provider of Green Concrete in Singapore, and one of the first to launch this product range in 2007. More than one-fifth of the raw materials for these green products comprises recycled or cementitious materials. Using these materials to produce structural-grade concrete consumes less energy and lowers the carbon emission footprint by up to 45%, compared with concrete produced with natural raw materials. Green Concrete is also longer-lasting and stronger than normal concrete. PanU Green has given shape to many award-winning sustainable projects, among them Gardens by the Bay and Tampines Concourse, the first carbon-neutral building in Singapore.

Leader Award from Singapore Green Building Council, Green Label-certified by the Singapore Environment Council. Approved by the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA).

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Shotcrete is short for ‘shooting concrete’. Unlike normal concrete that is cast in a mould, shotcrete is mechanically or manually sprayed onto the surface of a structure. It is used in challenging conditions when the work area is difficult to access, such as in tunnels and underground facilities.

The Fort Canning Tunnel was the first PanU Spraycrete. It is the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia to be lined with Shotcrete. Other PanU Spraycrete projects include the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) and the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE), in which PanU provided nearly 90 per cent of the Shotcrete. Some of our other notable Shotcrete projects include the Jurong and Mandai Rock Caverns, and Bedok Residences.

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This liquefied soil stabiliser is a strong, durable water-resistant substitute for low-strength concrete. It is used as a stable replacement for compacted soil. Significant cost savings can be accrued from its easy application and low maintenance. It flows easily, does not need labour to do compacting or leveling work, and has minimal shrinkage.

Can be recycled and easily replaced. PanU Liquid Soil is widely used for grouting, improving soil stability and in public areas such as pavements. Projects include the Downtown Line, Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE), Circle Line, The Nex retail mall and Jurong Gateway.

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This high-strength concrete is a cost-effective solution to many structural issues faced in developing high-rise buildings and long-span bridges. It is a very strong concrete that carries loads more efficiently with a lower volume of concrete. It enables higher productivity and shorter construction periods.

Asia Square, Fusionopolis, Interlace, Parkroyal on Pickering hotel, the Pinnacle and the Sail are among the numerous projects that use PanU Hi-Strength. We were the sole concrete provider for most of these projects.

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PanU SCC (Self-Compacting Concrete) is a very popular option for building skyscrapers in densely populated areas. This specialised product flows easily under the force of gravity and fills all irregular voids without the use of mechanical compactors which vibrate and produce high noise pollution. It saves on manpower to spread and compact the concrete by 70 percent and cuts down the application time by 40 per cent. PanU SCC reduces noise pollution by 15 per cent, making it ideal for development projects close to residential areas.

Some PanU SCC projects include Marina Bay Financial Centre, South Beach Lifestyle Quarter, Parkroyal on Pickering hotel, V on Shenton, Tanjong Pagar Centre, Esparina Residences, Urban Vista and HDB housing projects.

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Temperature control is key to mega-projects that use massive volumes of concrete. When concrete sets, the deeper layers risk thermal and chemical reactions or ‘attacks’ that can cause cracks, leading to structural integrity issues.

PanU scientists and engineers created PanU Cool, a temperature-controlled concrete solution with longer setting times and temperature monitoring for casting giant beams, columns, pile caps, diaphragm walls and raft foundations. Underground tunnels that use PanU Cool include Singapore’s mass rapid transit stations (such as the Circle and Downtown Lines), the Kallang-Payar Lebar Expressway (KPE) and Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE).

This concrete is also used in massive raft foundations for projects such as Tanjong Pagar Centre, the Sail and Ng Teng Fong Hospital.

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This is one of PanU’s more recent innovations. Unlike solid concrete, this form of illuminating concrete allows light to pass through. It provides energy saving benefits and supports green building objectives.

PanU Illuma also offers aesthetic applications in architectural, art and interior decor, besides safety uses. PanU Illuma has green attributes as well as safety and aesthetic applications.

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