Our Strength


Pan-United Corporation Ltd is a technology company focused on concrete and logistics. We thrive in an innovation culture engineered by cutting-edge technologies to develop world-class specialised products and advanced operations logistics capabilities. Our strategic focus is to create sustainable solutions that are safe and environmentally-friendly for the communities and the world we live in.

Seamless Value Chain

Customer Peace of Mind

Our capabilities are vertically integrated to maximise the value created for our customers. We own or manage virtually all the components and processes in a seamless value chain.

Specialised concrete applications are researched and developed by our own Innovation Centre to customise products, often in partnership with our customers.

Our operations and logistics networks are managed by a state-of-the-art Command Centre in-house, which operates round-the-clock.

These are complemented by in-house shipping and trading expertise to provide further logistics support. A fully-owned subsidiary, Inter Terminal, supplies refined petroleum products.

Market leader in ready mixed concrete

Pan-United is Singapore’s largest supplier of ready mixed concrete and cement, with a growing footprint in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Command Centre
advanced operations & logistics management

The Command Centre has engineered operational excellence through the redesign of operations, processes and services. It manages the entire value chain – from orders to deliveries – from a single digital platform round-the-clock, seven days a week. PanU’s entire trucking fleet is tracked by GPS.

Innovation Centre
world leading concrete technologies

Innovation is in our DNA. Extensive investments in research and development have paid off in creating a broad range of over 300 highly specialised concrete solutions, often in collaboration with our customers.

The PanU Innovation Centre is believed to be the only independent private laboratory in Singapore to be Singlas-accredited and equipped to ISO standards. In 2010, PanU was the first in Singapore to be certified with production quality standards defined by the Building and Construction Authority.