Ready Mixed Concrete

Innovation Centre

Innovation is in our DNA.

A global leader in concrete technologies

We entered the concrete and cement business in 1999 with the strategic intent to become the industry leader. Our state-of-the-art Innovation Centre, set up in 2012, is integral to our standing today as a global leader in concrete technologies.

Commercially viable innovation

Extensive investments in research and development at the Innovation Centre have paid off in creating a broad range of highly specialised concrete solutions, often in partnership with our customers.

Our gallery of more than 300 concrete products includes temperature-controlled, ultra high-strength to high-density, light-weight, anti-corrosion, coloured, shotcrete, high-performance, waterproof, self-compacting and pavement-quality concrete.

The Innovation Centre also regularly monitors and evaluates raw materials from all sources to ensure consistency in our concrete products.

PanU’s Innovation Centre is believed to be the only independent private laboratory in Singapore to be Singlas-accredited and equipped to ISO standards. In 2010, PanU was the first in Singapore to be certified with production quality standards defined by the Building and Construction Authority.


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Our strategic focus continues to be on commercially-viable innovation. Since the Innovation Centre started in 2012, we have created more than 300 specialised concrete products for specific customer applications.

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