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Pan-United (PanU) is an Asian technology company focused on concrete innovation and a global leader in concrete technologies. We are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and have operations spanning four countries, with a workforce exceeding 1,200 people.

PanU harnesses cutting-edge technology to develop high-performance, sustainable concrete products, supported by advanced logistics capabilities to deliver large-scale volumes on time, and of consistent quality. We are Singapore’s largest supplier of ready mixed concrete and cement, with a growing footprint in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. In Vietnam, PanU is the biggest supplier of high quality concrete in Ho Chi Minh City.

Our concrete and cement businesses are vertically integrated with aggregate quarrying and logistics services to maximise on the value chain. PanU is committed to creating sustainable solutions that are safe and more environmentally friendly for the communities and the world we live in.

Our Business Strategies for Sustainable Growth

As a global leader in concrete technologies, we drive logistics for seamless business productivity, always by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.

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Spotted a PanU concrete truck?

Every day, Singapore’s largest fleet of concrete mixer trucks bearing the PanU brand go on the road to deliver concrete. All are GPS-monitored.

The Helix Bridge (above) uses PanU Underwater Concrete.

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